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Three Means to Enjoy PowerPoint Presentation on HDTV

Posted on January 16 2013 in Play PowerPoint on HDTV, view PowerPoint on HDTV


Thanks to the advancement of scientific research, PowerPoint enjoying turns out to be not even the unique resource of normal computer. Just as an amazing tool in entertaining and working grounds, Microsoft PowerPoint turns out to be at this moment accessible to various products varying from cell phone to HDTV. Generally, folks choose smart phone as PowerPoint presentation viewer with regard to its portable model while HDTV for its outstanding and also large-size display. For various owners, playing PPT on Lumia 920, a born amusing tool, is actually rather easy to understand whilst viewing PowerPoint file on HDTV happens to be not. Chiefly made for video enjoyment, HDTV is in fact not accessible to Microsoft PowerPoint. Then how can one watch PPT on HDTV? Listed here several means are going to be included to assist owners enjoy PPT on HDTV.

Method One: Enjoy PowerPoint file via HDMI

Yet PowerPoint presentation turns out to be not recognized by HDTV, it really is playable on phone. As a result, an available method for owners to enjoy PowerPoint presentation on HDTV turns out to be to link PowerPoint-friendly phone to HDTV via HDMI slot. Certainly, the HDMI dock and also the ability to support PowerPoint easily tend to be the fundamental needs for the mobile. As a consequence, Windows phone like Nokia Lumia 800 seems to be a nice alternative. Naturally, Mobile version of Office have the power to better access to PowerPoint file when compared with PowerPoint 2013 alternatives like Quickoffice. Yet, thanks to the constraints of Office Mobile, PowerPoint turns out to be not as entirely recognized on mobile phone as it is actually on the desktop computer.

Method II: Play PowerPoint presentation on YouTube

In fact, consumers can switch the PPT to video and next submit the PPT file to YouTube. Simply by doing this are users able to take a look at YouTube and even enjoy PPT on HDTV whenever Connection to the internet turns out to be attainable. Nonetheless, this particular technique is only attainable for HDTVs gaining support to websites. Additionally, since various HDTVs haven't been equipped with inserted Wi-Fi connection, they can only pay a visit to YouTube with the aid of some USB adapters. Of course, because the types of the HDTVs range, the categories of appropriate wireless USB adapters vary. As a result, even though this amazing method gives customers a special remedy to enjoy PowerPoint file on HDTV, it is actually quite challenging in operations.

Method Three: Burn PowerPoint to DVD disc

The last process to help owners enjoy PowerPoint presentation on HDTV turns out to be to burn PowerPoint to DVD video. In this way, customers are able to not just take pleasure in PowerPoint file on HDTV devoid of Internet link, but also fix the frustrating incompatibility problem. Additionally, once the PowerPoint presentation is burned to DVD video, watching PPT file on HDTV will turn out to be an actual aesthetic feast. Needless to say, to get this particular procedure performs, customers must discover an excellent PowerPoint to DVD convsersion app like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

Step 1: Download and release Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Open it and then mouse click "Add" symbol in the list of "Import" tab to add the PowerPoint for conversion process.

Step 2: Choose DVD choices such as DVD mode using "Options" tab, personalize DVD menu with "Menu" tab, bring background music to the DVD movie with "Music" option and then bring watermark logo to the DVD using "Logo" tab.

The Third Step: Just after all of the measures, choose "Burn" tab, verify "Burn to Disc" box and then just click "Start" symbol to begin burning PowerPoint to DVD video. Just as the procedure ends, buyers can enjoy PowerPoint presentation on HDTV via DVD Player.

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