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The way to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

Posted on May 24 2013

Nowadays, iPhone is generally used across the world, apart from a mobile phone, iPhone is much like an audio player, a convenient theatre, a video game box, and all the tools you need in your life. Maybe for this reason iPhone is so famous nowadays.

Like an audio player, iPhone has a high quality of playing sounds, and the iTunes offers a number of types of songs for you choose. But how to transfer songs from iPhone to PC if usually there are so many music in your iPhone? It may seem like an straightforward question to response, but if you'd like to define the number of ways are offered, which is never as simple as it feels like. I prefer to show a number of easy options to transfer iPhone songs to PC with you.

Method 1: Through iTunes
1. Connect iPhone to PERSONAL PC.
2. Open up the iTunes, and synchronize it with the iPhone.
3. Copy the music from iTunes to pc.

Method 2: Through iCloud
1. Set up iCloud both on iPhone and also pc. Set up the Windows edition if your PC is with Windows OPERATING-SYSTEM.
2. Start the Synchronize feature of the iCloud in the iPhone settings.
3. Sign in the iCloud with the Apple ID on the computer system, and you are able to control your iPhone data files at this point.
4. Pick the songs in your iPhone and synchronize them in your Computer's iCloud, if you like to put them in selected folders, you are able to down load the songs to your local folder.

Method 3: Through Email
If you need to email your iPhone songs, you should get an software like Song Express in iTunes for iPhone music transfer.
1. Right after setting up the application, sign in the app, and select songs.
2. When finished, the software will connect to your e-mails, you can send the songs via email.
3. Make sure you switch on "Artist in Song Names" and etc in the settings of the application.

Method 4: Through Transfer Software
The iTransfer computer software is used for transfer data files among i-devices, portable devices and PCs. It is handy specially whenever you have some data files which are not synced through the iTunes. Leawo iTransfer is superior transfer software program, the transference is very fast and simple.

Step 1 Set up Leawo iTransfer and run it, the software program will recognize you with "It's now safe to connect your i-devices". Connect your iPhone to PC, the software program will check your iPhone automatically, the data will display in the software's window.

Step 2 Select, the songs you prefer to transfer, click the transfer key to get to the transfer settings; or right click the files and "Transfer" to "My Computer"; or directly drag/drop the data files to the targeted files.

Step 3 In the transfer settings, select position where you desire to store your documents, and then click the "Transfer Now" key to begin transfer.

Step 4 A dialog box comes out to notice the transfer development with the progress bar. Don't detach while transferring, otherwise the transfer will be stopped. When the transfer completes, the songs will display in your target folders.

The 5 techniques are only some simple ones, perhaps you can find out more methods, just try them, you will definitely find iPhone transfer is so easy. Among these ways, Leawo iTransfer can be considered as the fastest and stablest method, it cannot only transfer music from iPhone to PC, but also some other data files which you prefer to transfer.

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