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Several Ideas to Enjoy PowerPoint on Iconia W700

Posted on January 5 2013 in Play PowerPoint on Iconia W700, view PowerPoint on Iconia W700


Although there are numerous Windows RT tablet pcs available in the marketplace, hardly any of them are able to be as impressive as Android tablets just like Google Nexus 7. Consequently, it is Windows 8 Pro gadgets that keep high goals to popularize Windows 8 OS in tablet device sector. Surface Pro is certainly the most desirable Windows 8 Pro tablet, but it is not the very first one. In actual fact, Acer has untold the tricks of Windows 8 system along with Iconia W700. Even when Iconia W700 is sold for 900 US dollars, the price tag is reasonable enough for a Windows 8 Pro powered product acquiring large-size IPS display screen owning a resolution of 1080p, speedy i5 cpu and also 5-megapixel rear camera. Additionally, together with built-in 4G RAM and even 128GB storage, Iconia W700is a gaming powerhouse; utilizing outstanding electric battery and also HDMI port, Iconia W700 develops into an efficient video center.

Evidently, Iconia W700 can not only be used as an amusing product, but additionally a working partner. By way of example, utilizing the assist of Windows 8 Pro, owners are allowed to watch PowerPoint on Iconia W700 faultlessly. Nevertheless, considering the fact that Office 2013 is more costly than Office 2010, a few consumers are generally unwilling to buy it. Subsequently do there exist any decent and even low-cost solutions to assist owners watch PowerPoint presentation on Iconia W700? In actual fact, you will find different outstanding methods that enables consumers to play PPT on Iconia W700. In this article 2 of them are going to be covered.

The First Method: Transform PowerPoint file to Google Docs

Just as a website-powered PowerPoint substitute, Google Docs enables consumers to input, modify and also publish the PowerPoint presentation via the Internet. To enjoy PowerPoint on Iconia W700, consumers just have got to open up the page of Google Docs and after that switch the PowerPoint to Google Docs file. However, this valuable procedure can simply be done when accesses to Internet happen to be available. Considering that the alteration skills from PowerPoint presentation to Google Docs happen to be not that flawless, consumers may find the miss of a number of animated effects in the modified Google Docs data file.


The First Step: Open the page of Google Docs, press "Settings" button, go for "upload Settings" and examine "Convert uploaded file to Google Docs format" alternative.


Step 2: Click on "Upload" image to input the PowerPoint file for conversion. When the conversion terminates, owners are able to enjoy the PPT file on Iconia W700.

The Second Method: Turn PowerPoint presentation to Iconia W700

A good strategy to assist consumers watch PowerPoint presentation on Iconia W700 is to turn PowerPoint to movie for Iconia W700. In this way, not only can the animated effects of the PowerPoint be retained, but additionally can consumers view the PowerPoint presentation on Iconia W700 offline. Naturally, an impressive PowerPoint to Iconia W700 convsersion app is required. Consequently, consumers are granted to turn PowerPoint to Iconia W700 movie using the aid of Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

The First Step: Acquire and also start Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Open it and next just click "Add" press button to input the PowerPoint file. Fix the output data file as MP4 movie in the list of "Profile" to ensure that owners can view the modified PPT on Iconia W700.

Step 2: Just click "Settings" option to enter into Profile panel where various video parameters rest. Later switch the PowerPoint presentation to a nice Iconia W700 movie by setting the video measurement as "1920x1080" and also audio codec as "AAC".

Step Three: Next, mouse click "Start" press button to begin the practice of switching PowerPoint to MP4 movie. After the conversion terminates, one is able to play PPT on Iconia W700 easily.

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