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Approaches to Enjoy PowerPoint File on Lumia 620

Posted on December 18 2012 in watch PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 620

Although Nokia Lumia 920 and also Lumia 820 mobile seem to be looking to win considerably more business shares for Nokia cell phone and even Windows 8 phone, their high price tags are not. In reality, the high price tags have turned almost all Windows 8 cellphones preferred choices in advanced segment exclusively. Luckily, the Finnish company has noticed the problem and then directly supplies Lumia 620 mobile as a method. As the most affordable Windows 8 mobile, Lumia 620 mobile owns a great 3.8-inch TFT display screen, fast dual-core Snapdragon processor, high-pixel back digital camera and even 1300mAh power supply. Besides, the inserted IE 10 turns Lumia 620 mobile to end up being a wonderful Internet browser and also the price tag of 249 US dollars gives special appeals to Lumia 620 mobile. Whenever the 8GB inserted memory space of Lumia 620 mobile has been used up, customers are able to indulge in external storage area given by Micro SD card.

"Am I able to play PowerPoint on Lumia 620 mobile?" Although PPT is recognized by Windows 8 mobile phones, a few buyers always worry that the lessened price tag of Lumia 620 mobile is actually provided in the cost of the lack of a few fundamental attributes such as the support to PPT. But, this kind of stress turns out to be totally non-sense because watching PPT on Lumia 620 mobile is actually no harder than climbing a hierarchy. Indeed there are a number of procedures to assist fans view PowerPoint on Lumia 620 mobile. Right here, three approaches will be covered.

Method One: Enjoy PowerPoint along with Office for Mobile

Even though the establish of Microsoft Office 2013 is actually only coming up, the present marketplace exclusively enables Windows phones to make the most of PowerPoint presentation using Office for Mobile. As an program supplied by Microsoft Inc, Office for Mobile permits end users to enjoy PowerPoint Presentation on Lumia 620 mobile effortlessly. Together with some clicks, end users are not just allowed to play PowerPoint on Lumia 620 mobile but in addition revise PowerPoint on the Nokia smartphone. Though Office Mobile offers an excellent solution to help consumers play many PowerPoint file on Lumia 620 mobile, it can't maintain a few computer animated effects of the PPT file or may bring annoying answer time.

Method Two: Transfer PowerPoint using PowerPoint 2010

Another manageable way to play PowerPoint on Lumia 620 mobile is actually to transform PPT to Lumia 620 mobile video. Considering that WMV video is normally supported by Lumia 620 mobile, users are permitted to view PowerPoint on Lumia 620 mobile right after switching the PPT file to a WMV video. To this extent, PowerPoint 2010 gains the ability to become a powerful PPT to Lumia 620 mobile convsersion program. Yet, the transformation can be time-eating and also PowerPoint 2010 can't permit consumers to modify video parameters of the exported video for Lumia 620 mobile

The First Step: Open the PowerPoint presentation, simply click "File" key and after that select "Save As" alternative in the list to get to Save As section.

The Second Step: Export the output video as WMV video in the drop-down menu of "Save as type" and then click "Save" key.

The third method: Change PowerPoint to Lumia 620 mobile movie

With an impressive PowerPoint to Lumia 620 mobile convsersion program, customers are not just competent at retaining the original computer animated effects of the PowerPoint presentation but in addition convert the PowerPoint presentation to a good Lumia 620 mobile video. To this extent, for consumers who want to view PPT on Lumia 620 mobile, they are able to refer to Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

The First Step: Download and also release Moyea PPT to Video Converter, start it and simply click "Add" key to input the PPT file for more conversion.

The Second Step: Given the simple fact that videos captured utilizing Lumia 620 mobile are usually MP4 videos, users have got to transform the PowerPoint presentation to MP4 video so that the altered PPT data file is compatible with Lumia 620 mobile. To fix the output movie as MP4 video, select "MP4-MPEG-4 Video" in the drop-down menu of "Profile".

The Third Step: Simply click "Settings" key to get into Profile section where buyers can easily fix the video boundaries for Lumia 620 mobile. For example, fix video codec and video measurement as "800x480".

Step Four: After all the measures have been carried out, click "Start" key to start the procedure of switching PowerPoint to Lumia 620 mobile movie. When the conversion comes to an end, playing PowerPoint on Lumia 620 mobile will be effortless.

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