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A Solution to Watch Flash SWF on Nexus 7 Tablet

Posted on April 2 2013 in play Flash, convert SWF to AVI, nexus 7, SWF to AVI Converter


Google Nexus 7 is simply the latest 7-inch tablet pc produced by Google in a meeting that is designed to contend with Kindle Fire. Google Nexus 7 is the initial Android tablet that is equipped with Android 4.1 (also best-known as Jelly Bean). Along with quad-core processor, a 1.2-megapixel front camera, a gorgeous and also a responsive screen with a resolution of 1280x800 and also a low price of Two hundred dollars, Google Nexus 7 may easily sell by themselves whilst not having any kind of promotion.

However, a sheet of terrible news for Adobe Flash Player is actually that Google has reported its determination to decline Adobe Flash Player giving Adobe Flash a new painful whack subsequently after getting terminated by The latest iPad. It is known that Surface tablet is normally a rumored item to do the same. As a result, it is unachievable to enjoy Flash on Google Nexus 7 straight through Adobe Flash.

As a result, the determination has bothered many Google Nexus 7 consumers for the reason that they have got to obtain one additional way to play Flash SWF on The Nexus 7. A potential process to manage it is to make use of SWF to Nexus 7 tablet convsersion app to switch Flash for Nexus 7 tablet. In some degree, Windows consumers may just as well make reference to SWF to AVI Converter and also Mac end users can certainly refer to SWF Converter Mac. This post will certainly display you steps to manage the whole proceedings.

Step 1: Import SWF file. Save and next install SWF to AVI Converter. Mouse click "Browser…" option and next select "From Folder" choice to input the SWF file. Concerning SWF file in the Internet, get them with the help of Free Flash Downloader and next import them.

The next step: Set the AVI file. Given that Nexus 7 tablet can watch AVI file, you can actually convert SWF File to AVI movie for the Nexus 7.

1. Click "Export" tab, verify "Video" after which customize the output document as AVI movie in the drop-down menu of "Style".

2. Mouse click "Settings" icon next to "Style" to enter into corresponding interface. Set the video measurement as 1280x800 and after that alter some other video details just like video codec, audio codec plus video quality. After that mouse click "OK" option.

Step 3: Transform Flash file to AVI for Nexus 7. Select "Convert" tab and after that mouse click "Play and Capture" to initiate the screen capturing. As soon as the SWF file completes, one need to click on "End" option to initiate the alteration. The moment the alteration ends, customers can enjoy Flash on Nexis 7 tablet.


1. To transform several Flash SWF files for The Nexus 7, go for "Input" tab and next just click "Switch to batch mode". Then users are able to input many SWF files at the same time by simply clicking "Add" switch.

2. To turn Flash file to Animated GIF picture, mouse click "Export" tab, select "Images series" box and next choose "Animated GIF" in the drop-down menu of "Style".

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